Anything at the Fringe

I was in Adelaide this week and I bumped into someone I knew. We didn't have much of a conversation, they just asked, "Did you see anything at the fringe?"
"Yes!" I said, pleased I could respond positively. "I did see anything at the fringe, at somewhere at the fringe."
"That's great! Isn't it wonderful that local, national and international acts like anything at the fringe come to Adelaide?"
"Oh, definitely. It helps me feel hip, kind of makes up for spending the rest of the year getting my culture from American television and reddit. Plus I get to be a part of this citywide festival that everyone else is taking part in too. So when people ask if I saw anything at the fringe I don't have to admit that I spent the whole month at home."
"What did you think of somewhere at the fringe? Wasn't it so Bohemian?"
"Oh, it was the quirkiest, the atmosphere totally suited seeing something at the fringe."
"Would you recommend it?"
"Definitely, I give anything at the fringe five stars just because afterwards I can say, 'I saw anything at the fringe' and it was amazing."
"Wow. Did you see any other shows at the fringe?"


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