Spaghetti, again. I haven't gotten sick of eating it after four weeks, but I am sick of heating it up in the work microwave inside a tupperware container that barely holds it, and flicking sauce on my white business shirts every lunch time. I have to schedule all my client facing meetings before 1pm so that I don't ever go into a negotiation wearing blotches of tomato sauce. It makes me so angry!
Also, there is no Parmesan cheese at work, which means I am getting 4.4g less protein per day than I scheduled. Worse, today I needed 42 almonds to constitute 50g and satisfy my mid-morning requirements for mono-unsaturated fat and selenium but I only had 37. THIRTY-SEVEN! Argh!

Testosterone based bulking rage spiraling out of control!


Kevin Pietersen Nothing wrong with Spaghetti Brad. I love the stuff!
September 20 2007 - Like
Zippo 1. Wear a napkin bib. 2. Leave a can of Parmesan in your desk. 3. You can prepare several baggies with 42 almonds in advance to avoid future shortages. BULK your brain!
September 20 2007 - Like
Zippo Adding pineapple chunks to meat sauce makes it taste delicious.
September 21 2007 - Like
The Tom You are like a huge volcano waiting to explode
September 24 2007 - Like
Kevin Pietersen Haha, ive seen some volcanos in my time, and Brad doesnt look like one.
September 24 2007 - Like
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