Why is it that I get called in to do dairy fridge work during Autumn and Winter but never on the hottest day on record since 1939? Why is it so hard to believe that an Asian IT student named Bob could be one half of a dynamnic crime fighting super hero where his partner and him were spiderman alternatively each day and every second sunday and on the fifth sunday of a month they would flip a coin? I bought my Thomas the Tank Engine Muffins like 50 days ago and I still haven't baked them. Basketball starts on Saturday! Life is good.


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Promoted: Yes, There was an Egyptian Pyramid in Rural Australia with a Basement Full of Human Teeth

The World in Miniature wasn’t abandoned, however, it was empty. Outdated exhibitions on unloved grounds. Our detour seemed destined to be a disappointment. Then we got to the basement of the pyramid, and that’s where we found all the human teeth.

Promoted: Winter 2018

Winter is over! As well as another three months of me making a video every day.

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