The Last 24 Hours Didn't Happen

Note to self: Investigate correlation between eating giant schnitzels and the distortion of space-time.

only proof I was here today is that the Previous/Next Page links for
stories are now W3C compliant because their accessability now caters
for MORONS!)


Gus What the hell is W3C compliant? Not everyone speaks computer geek you know...
July 12 2006 - Like
Zippo Gus says what we're all thinking.
July 12 2006 - Like
Mark On this basis of his PERL/PHP faux pas, I'm sure at least Ryan is thinking it.
July 12 2006 - Like
Brad Hahaha Man that's cold.
July 13 2006 - Like
Gus Thanks Zip. <img src="images/smiles/happy.gif">
July 16 2006 - Like
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