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I've already mentioned that my New Year's Resolution this year is to rotate the sponges in the house more regularly. This has been going... averagely. Every time I think about replacing the current sponge my thought process goes, "Sponges cost about $1.50 each > It doesn't even look that dirty -> I'll probably make a curry this weekend and replace it after that."

Then, I make a curry and force myself to wipe down the stove top and floors with the sponge, thus making it unusable for dish washing and into the bin it goes. Sponge rotated. Feelings of accomplishment grow.

Then, my phone reminded me yesterday that it was the Five Year Anniversary of Replacing my Headphone's Padding with Cut Up Sponge. Those sponges had not ever been rotated.

My thought process was, another 1800+ days since that original entry, "Man those headphones were some seriously good value -> Seriously I'm listening to them right now while writing this entry -> I don't think I'm ever going to rotate those sponges."

A little bit worse for wear, quite a bit more dog hair, but still my darling HD515s. I use them less these days, but I'd still estimate another 3500 hours have been racked up since 2011. That would make the cost of listening now almost as low as one cent per hour of listening time. (And those sponges padding time almost .1 cent per hour.)



Brad PS -> Shouts Out to Past Brad for putting a 5 year reminder into my Google calendar some time a year or so ago.
March 12 2016 - Like
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