Having a female boss is great.
Upon arriving at work I learnt that it was Mark's last night at work ever. I was dissapointed as he is a funny guy and also quite tall. Unfortunately, due to the short notice, I was unable to make Mark a goodbye card as a gift to him for leaving. However, whilst working I had the brainwave that I should make him a card out of some of the cardboard from the boxes. However, all the cardboard had stuff printed one one side or was too crappy. Then one particular box had nice, white, good cardboard on one side, but then bad cardboard on the outside. So, I decided I would get some sticky tape and double layer the cardboard so it was good cardboard on both sides.
So there I am, sticky-taping random bits of cardboard together as secretively as I can in my aisle and I see the manager walk past from the corner of my eye. So, I quickly drop the tape and card and rip open a package of hoses which I already decided earlier was too full to fill. Like a kids tv show she backtracks a few steps and comes down my aisle and the following conversation occurs:
Her: What are you doing with the sticky tape?
Brad: I... uh... fixing... hose... (looks at hose which is clearly not going on the shelf due to fullness) ... Making Mark a goodbye card because it's his last night.
Her: You shouldn't be doing that in nightfill time, even if it is a sweet idea.
And then Yes! She then said if I went back to filling then she would buy Mark a real goodbye card and I could get everyone to sign it, and then she bought it. But when I finished filling I finished off my card, and cut up bits of special tags to make hidden meanings ("you are [Special])". And then I got everyone to sign that one and I gave it to Mark and it was quite camp.
Also today marked the beginning of sales of Easter Eggs at Woolworths.

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